Isabel A Jiani 2013 Winter Clothing Brand New Conference

Isabel A Jiani 2013 winter clothing brand new conference will convene on June 18, we sincerely welcome your visit! Experience with us a fashion trip!
Dear Customer: Hello! Thank you for your Guangzhou Isabel A Jiani women's brand has always been the support and trust! Company on June 18, 2013 -19 days held in 2013 Winter new conference, we sincerely welcome you to visit! experience with us a fashion trip!
From France, "Isabel" Women family's four brands --- A Jiani, with a unique French style and romance into China. A Jiani relying on highly artistic appeal of French culture for the brand heritage, the European classics + Korean fashion cleverly combined into one.

We lead fashion culture, guide consumption concept; decent dressing is an investment, not just consumption; pursue diversified fashion became her an indispensable part of life, a wonderful life that she must pursue fashion dress culture, a Jiani meet her at different times, different occasions, decent clothing needs. Create a colorful, remarkable grace urban lifestyle.
In fashion design, crisp tailoring personalized, understated luxury materials, careful combinations, all to meet the urban women's clothing needs on different occasions, for women to bring extraordinary fashion experience.
We advocate "fashion, elegant, low extravagant life" of the brand valuesâEUR

Long thin Zhezi, flowing cape, set off a woman's sweet and lovely, and the light orange, sentimental soft, telling the story of a most sweet.

This paragraph uses the asymmetrical dress pleating design techniques. Loose style, with freely adjustable elastic waistband, suitable for any size women wear. Gives a stylish and elegant feel.

This section sleeveless shirt inspired tuxedo, dynamic and elegant, the back can be freely labeled drooping bow ribbon, fashion sense.

Full of Bohemian national wind stripe long dress, wearing her walking on the beach is full of romantic and charming temperament!

A craft exquisite pleating sleeveless shirt, chest hollow design gives a retro feeling. Pants with a wild fashion small shorts, showing female perfect curve!

White bat shirt, collar hit the orange side, exquisite hand beading, wild fashion pants with a small shorts, looked elegant and moving!

Simple wild fashion shirts, retro large flower with narrow pants, look personalized and stylish, retro large flower with narrow pants also asymmetrical zipper design pullovers. Look stylish personality!...

For many women, they have a different and unique mix of strategy and skill. Born on the fashion-conscious women, it seems very easy to capture the mix of today's most fashionable and trend.
Dress collocation, spring and summer clothing with a lot of choice for women. However, for some women, outstanding temperament, plain dress collocation does not seem to meet the needs of their outfit, they need a more advanced, elegance, luxury clothes to match their own.
These women will often attend some important occasions, they are on their own clothing with demanding. So, dress appeared, is tantamount to let them overjoyed.
As shown on the right, this is a women's Isabel silky dress with dark red. Dark red hue is a synonym for luxury and noble. Silky fabric, both to allow the wearer to wear clothing comfortable feeling, but also to follow the silky fabric, so that women's curves also show up like water....
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Isabel A Jiani 2013 Winter Clothing Brand New Conference
Isabel A Jiani 2013 Winter Clothing Brand New Conference
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